domenica 26 febbraio 2012


Come annunciato alcuni giorni fà, gli ultimi aggiornamenti Dashboard 14717/14719 sono stati creati per colpire il RESET GLITCH HACK andando a cambiare i CB & CD nelle Xbox360 PHAT/SLIM facendo si che chi ha aggiornato alle versioni di Dashboard sopra citate rendono la loro Xbox360 non più compatibile al RESET GLITCH HACK, il team XECUTER annuncia che è riuscito ad abbattere questi nuovi CB & CD rendendo le nostre Xbox360 di nuovo compatibili al RESET GLITCH HACK, il nuovo metodo messo in atto per riuscire nell'intento si chiamerà RESET GLITCH HACK 2.0 con nuovi CHIP e nuovi metodi di installazione dello stesso, dopo tutte queste belle notizie appena citate il team XECUTER  c'e ne dà ancora un'altra più succulenta, sarebbe che tutti i possessori di Xbox360 SLIM con scheda madre CORONA che ad oggi non sono compatibili al servizio RESET GLITCH HACK per la mancanza del chip HANA, presto anche loro potranno effettuare il servizio RESET GLITCH HACK, ecco la notizia: I membri del nostro team stanno lavorando duramente anche sul nuovo modello Slim, il cosiddetto Corona e possiamo dire che hanno fatto grandi progressi.

The newly formed RGH Development Team at Xecuter HQ are proud to announce that all Phat consoles have now been defeated and are totally glitch-able without having a previous NAND dump or CPU KEY (the same applies to Slim Trinity that have been updated to 14717/14719) !
Codenamed RGH 2.0, new features introduced:
  • Hack now works on new CB's (14717/14719 update)
  • Hack now works with all Refurbished Split CB's (4577, 5772, 6752)
  • - Zephyr CB 4577, 4575
  • - Falcon/Opus CB 5772, 5773
  • - Jasper CB 6752, 6753
  • - Trinity (Slim) CB 9230
To confirm, we can now glitch Phats with any kernel and any bootloader. As soon as you have your CPU KEY, and you are using an Xecuter DemoN you will ALWAYS be able to switch to a fully hacked NAND and it can never be stopped no matter what update you apply and no matter which efuses are blown! We will be helping the J-Runner team to implement all of the new code which will allow you to build a patched ecc for any Phat NAND / Kernel / Bootloader.
The Xenon RGH hack will also be released however the quality of glitching seems to be as poor as the infamous Zephyr. No doubt once its out there users can tweak away at it and get some better results, the feeling here is that it's time wasted at the moment when we should be working on Corona. Currently it's a "repair" method at best to rescue DVD keys.
This is a new style of RGH hack (hence RGH 2.0) and there will be a new JED file, changes to the CoolRunner design, changes to the QSB's and possibly new install methods (we'll also show you how to change your older version TX CoolRunner to be compatible with the new hack, and initial tests have shown that other cheaper versions of RGH hardware will not work at all).
Work on fine tuning the hack is currently ongoing to make it as solid as possible, however we hope to have everything ready asap.
Members of our team are also working hard on the new Slim Corona model and can tell you that great progress has made made there too. We'll just say that we feel bad for anyone who paid good money for any glitch mod that was advertised as being "Corona Ready".
Stay tuned for more news :)
Thanks to Tiros & GliGli for their initial work on the RGH hack. Without them none of this would have been possible.

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